Warren W. Fane

Transportation Services:

Whatever your requirement, Warren W. Fane Incorporated's fleet of company owned trucks, tractors, dump trailers, lowboy trailers, flat bed trailers and tankers can support your hauling needs at a competitive price and with dependable, on-time service.

- We own a fleet of bulk tankers for hauling cement, fly ash or other
similar products.
- We have a wide selection of specialty trailers for all your heavy
equipment hauling requirements.
- Our numerous dump trucks and dump trailers are available for
trucking aggregate materials, road salt, and other materials.
- We can offer you additional transportation support with our
numerous flat bed trailers.

We maintain all of our equipment to strict DOT standards and we have appropriate over-weight permits for our vehicle/trailer combinations. Additionally, we are permitted to haul contaminated materials to designated sites throughout New York State.

Some of our major customers that we haul for include:

– American Rock Salt Co.
– Callanan Industries, Inc.
– Clemente Latham Concrete
– Fort Miller Company

– Lafarge North America, Inc.
– Lehigh Northeast Cement Co.
– Old Castle Precast
– Peckham Industries, Inc.

Customer service and on-time delivery performance is the focus of our transportation business. The majority of our fleet is equipped with an in vehicle GPS system. We utilize real time visual tracking of our vehicles as well as mobile voice communication with our drivers to ensure on time delivery performance and customer satisfaction. While our primary coverage area is the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, we have the ability to service your needs at any location at any time. If needed, we can provide 24/7 coverage for any emergency requirement you may have.

Warren W. Fane, Inc. 62 Leversee Rd. Troy, New York 12182 - Office 518-235-5531 - Fax 518-235-1064